Heizomat biomass boilers range from 30kW – 1490kW.

Siemens Technology

All boilers are controlled via a Siemens control board on a 7” touch screen.

35 Years of Heizomat

Heizomat’s impressive longevity is proof of its commitment to the green energy movement.

GB Distributors

Throughout Great Britain, HeizomatGB has carefully selected long-term partners who are able to offer you full support during your Heizomat boiler’s lifetime.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Eligibility

A wide range of Heizomat boilers are eligible for RHI support, both in commercial and domestic premises.

Maximum Fuel Flexibility

Heizomat boilers can efficiently burn a wide range of biomass materials such as woodchip (including grade A waste-wood), pellets, olive stones, sawdust, rapestraw, miscanthus, and corn cobs.

Heizomat World Map

New Colour Scheme

Green Heizomat

Upcoming Heizomat Siemens Control

Replacement Boiler Scheme


As of October 2018, new Ofgem policy allows a user to replace their existing biomass boiler with a new one, while retaining their original RHI tariff. This is ideal if the current boiler has broken down, is too high maintenance, delivers uneven heat, is not delivering the expected performance, or if you are simply looking for more biomass fuel flexibility. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Us

HeizomatGB is the UK representative for Heizomat biomass boiler systems + additional products and furthermore represent the Lauber L-ENZ dryers. We operate exclusively through a trusted distributor network throughout the whole of GB. Our dedicated team carries on the ethos of Heizomat GmbH and Lauber, of being environmentally conscious, while providing quality, long-lasting, intuitive products to ensure client satisfaction.


We provide comprehensive support for our installers to guarantee that each individual end-customer receives all the necessary services and support.