About Heizomat


Heizomat boilers were designed for biomass to be as easy and convenient to use as an oil or gas boiler. The Heizomat team continues to strive for the comfortable and effective utilisation of biomass, always with the motto of “energy in balance with nature” in mind.


Heizomat recently celebrated its 35-year anniversary (2017) and was founded by a then blacksmith, named Robert Bloos, who in 1982 built his very first automatic discharging system for woodchip. It has been quite a journey since then, and today, Heizomat has installed over 35,000 boiler systems worldwide.


Built on the values of a family ethos, Heizomat employs over 250 employees in northern Bavaria. Heizomat is based over two sites, consisting of a large training workshop with 20 apprentices and offices at one of the sites, Maicha. The other factory, Heidenheim, is powered solely by renewable energy and focuses on the construction of all boiler systems.


The boilers are all built manually by highly skilled blacksmiths, engineers and technicians. Heizomat boilers are built to last using 50mm solid core augerscontinuous seam welds and high-grade boiler steel. Remarkably, some of the very first Heizomat boilers are still in operation to this very day, more than 30 years since they were installed.


The whole system is fully automated from the discharging system to combustion chamber, right up to the de-ashing system, meaning maintenance is kept to a minimum. Every aspect of the system is then controlled and set up on a user-friendly Siemens built control board.
Since 2000, Heizomat boilers have been split into categories of HSK-RA and RHK-AK, offering you either a domestic or industrial option.