The Heizomat Extraction System



The Heizomat automatic extraction system was first designed in 1982, more than 35 years ago, to provide the convenient transportation of biomass from the fuel-store to the combustion chamber. Since then, Heizomat has technically tweaked and perfected it’s flexible in-feed system to cater to inconsistencies in fuel supply, while maintaining the highest safety standards. With the combination of high quality robust materials and an intelligent interface with the Siemens control board, the Heizomat extraction system technology is designed to last and operate with minimum maintenance. Each section of the discharging system is tailored to your individual requirements and begins in the fuel store with the automatic delivery of the fuel, feeding to your Heizomat boiler.


Heizomat are also proud to offer an alternative feeding option in the form of the Heizoschub push-floor.

Heizomat’s in-house production allows the manufacturing of bespoke boiler systems.






  • Agitator diameters ranging between 1000mm – 6000mm- allowing maximum flexibility in fuel store construction.
  • Fuel store heights of up to 9m.
  • Dedicated gear box capable of 5,000 Nm torque.
  • Separate drive allows a more consistent fuel supply, for larger systems.

Fuel Feeding




  • Discharging auger or chain systems available- for lengths of up to 20m.
  • Inclined and vertical fuel-feed options.
  • Varying channel sizes of: 160mm, 200mm or 250mm.
  • Single auger lengths of up to 6m (augers can be linked).
  • Adaptable fuel store heights possible.
  • Capable of transporting G50 woodchip.

Rotary Valve




  • 4 blades made from high tensile alloy steel with cutting tips.
  • Provides one stage of the burn back protection.
  • Equipped with ultrasonic sensor, to detect a constant supply of material for the in-feed burner.

Ash Extraction



  • Automatic de-ashing, relative to the boiler operation.
  • Varying ash bin sizes of 40L, 240L and 900L.
  • The inclined ash conveyor provides top filling ash bins, with minimum strain on the motor and reduced electricity costs.

Heizoschub – Heizomat Moving-Floor


To offer premium flexibility for the customer, Heizomat have also designed their very own moving-floor extraction. As with all Heizomat manufactured parts, the build quality is at the forefront and is designed with durability and ease of use in mind.

A moving floor option is particularly ideal for clients whose site do not suit an agitator extraction system or are looking for a containerised moving-floor solution, for easy filling and transporting.


The moving floor dimensions can be altered according to client specification and are adaptable in length (increments of 1100mm) and width (increments of 100mm).


The Heizomat RoRo Container moving-floor is available in dimensions of: 6.75m x 2.35m x 2.35m (L x W x H).

Safety Features

The discharge system was designed with safety in mind. Some of the key safety features are:


  • The control board detects potential hazards and goes into error mode.
  • 3 stages of burn-back protection: stoker emptying, rotary valve seal and fire extinguishing.
  • Any fire-fuelling components are automatically switched off, when an access hatch is opened.
  • Lambda control, as well as regulating emissions, monitors the oxygen level inside the boiler, to prevent deflagration.
  • Vacuum monitoring and control to ensure a suitable pressure level and a vacuum is always present.