Siemens Control Board: ET100 & ET200


All of our HSK-RA and RHK-AK boilers are controlled via a Siemens Simatic ET100/ET200 control board, offering you a domestic and industrial option. The versatility of the control panel paired with Heizomat’s 30 years of experience regarding burning biomass, provides a control system that is both intuitive and packed with features that allow the consumer endless possibilities to suit their biomass needs.






Control Board Features

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  • Automatic ignition-mode
  • Connect up to 6 heating circuits
  • Control of 2 buffer tanks
  • Monitor and control up to 2 E-Filters
  • Boiler and water temperature monitoring
  • Connect up to 2 domestic hot water tanks
  • Sm@rtServer for visualisa­tion on PC or smartphone

  • Boiler fuel-load control
  • Oxygen level controlled via lambda sensor
  • E-mail notifications
  • System diagnosis indicator/error messages
  • Multiple boiler operation modes
  • Customisable fuel modes
  • Multi-boiler sequence control


A modern control with a focus on design, usability and industrial components.

Additional Features:

GSM Modem: allows a text message to be sent to a pre-defined list of phone numbers in case of an error with the boiler, so problems can be resolved swiftly.

Buffer control: if your boiler is connected to a buffer tank, buffer control allows the boiler and buffer tank to work in conjunction with each other for maximum efficiency and control on your Siemens touch-screen.

Motor protection switches: individual switches monitor the current of each motor and should a switch detect an over-current at one motor, then the motor is switched off and an error message appears on the control board.