The PBE Group has developed over the last 15 years and has been at the forefront of the biomass industry as it has grown in the UK.
Initially developed as a means of growing energy crops in Pembrokeshire for use in biomass boilers, the PBE Group quickly realised that with the growing renewable industry, there was an increasing demand for biomass fuels but also a need for quality installs of top class boilers along with specialist services including biomass boiler servicing, storage maintenance, quality fuel supply and, as important, a knowledge and experience in the industry. The PBE Group has developed three companies, PBESCO Ltd, PBE Woodchip Ltd, and PBE Fuels Ltd, to offer customers a complete customer care package when it comes to their biomass system. The PBE Group considers its service to customers to be its highest priority. We pride ourselves on the advice and knowledge we have and the experience that we are able to offer to customers.


PBESCO Ltd is the installation and servicing arm of the PBE Group, offering biomass installations using only the highest quality and most reliable boilers on the market. PBESCO’s first installation was in 2007, giving us 10 years of installation experience.
Through our quality installations we have been able to demonstrate the reliability and technological advancements that quality boilers are able to achieve through their low maintenance costs and comprehensive remote access for monitoring and maintenance.
We take great pride in our installations and aim to offer the best possible products to our customers.


PBE Woodchip Ltd has always focused on the production and supply of renewable chipped products for use within biomass boilers.
PBE Ltd was initially involved in encouraging agricultural businesses to grow Miscanthus and Willow on less productive farmland to supply the biomass industry as a fuel source. This has developed in recent years into wood chip supply, and currently produces and sells over 5,000 tonnes of chip throughout Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion.
All feedstock is sourced from local sustainably managed forestry. Once dried to 30% moisture, the roundwood is chipped into G30 and G50 chip specifications. Our sustainability is reflected by our BSL accreditation, demonstrating that we are conscious of where we source the feedstock for our fuel.



Case Studies:

Dudwell Farm – RHK-AK 800



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